Workshop of the famous Astrologer and Tantric Mr.Vineeth Bhatt (Thantri)

Workshop of the famous Astrologer and Tantric Mr.Vineeth Bhatt (Thantri)

In the middle of June the International Club «Amicability» organised a special workshop on Vedic astrology, which is called «Jyotish» in Sanskrit (the ancient language of India). The famous indian astrologer, numerologist and tantric Mr. Vineeth Bhatt (Thantri) was a special guest invited for sharing his valuable sacred knowledge of Jyotish and for giving astrologic consultations to Moscow business and political elite, public leaders and famous figures form artistic society. The workshop was held in the office of “Vestoro” company, led by its vice-president Jimmy Cotvani.

Mr. Vineeth Bhatt (Thantri), age of 37, heils from the traditional tantric dynasty in Kottyam district of Kerala. He has succeded his grandfather’s mystical talents and knowledge of astrology and tantra. Nowadays apart from being an expert in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Gemology and Vastu (Hindu science of architecture), Mr. Bhatt has become a recognized Spiritual healer and Traditional Ayurvedic consultant. Thanks to the record of multiple accurate predictions, wise recommendations, energy healing sessions and tantric rituals Mr.Bhatt has obtained numerous awards and acknowledgement of his grateful clients among famous film actors and actresses, ministers, political leaders and government officials from India and other countries across the globe.

The Moscow astrology workshop was opened by Mr. Sergey Dvoryanov, the president of the Internationl Club «Amicability». Mr.Dvoryanov started his speech by congratulating the audience with the 70th anniversary of Russian-Indian diplomatic relationships. He also outlined that «Amicability» club is honored to show hospitability to such highly respectable delegation with Mr.Bhatt at the head. The famous tantric was awarded a renowned Order of the Saint knyaz (prince) Dmitry Donskoy.

The astrologer delivered a speech on spiritual matters such as the meaning of the cause-and-effect law of Karma and how «Jyotish Shastra» deals with the karmic patterns which are revealed from the date and the time of birth of a human being. He also explained that «Jyotish» is translated as «light», which means that Vedic astrology hepls to enlighten the mind and clear the path of an individual. Mr.Bhatt added that no one can change Karma, but Jyotish helps to predict future events and thus to make precautions in advance to minimize the risks.

The last part of the workshop passed in the session of questions and answers. Mr.Bhatt admitted that Russian people are very beautiful not only externally, but also internally, because they have beautiful souls and minds. After the public speaking Mr.Bhatt was available for private consultations and suggested his recommendations to many guests, absolutely free of cost. He says that he never does any consultations or healing for financial benefits, but he is always ready to serve people with his talents (they can reach him by the phone or by e-mail, sending their birth details to get helpful remedies).

The “Amicability” club looks forward to organizing such meetings with Mr.Bhatt and also to sending Russian delegations to India in order to try traditional ayurvedic treatment and get astroligic consultations.

To carry peace, beauty and knowledge, to unite countries and continents – it is the key mission of the International diplomatic club «Amicability».

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