Humanity is a Family of Nations.

The main quality of a human being is the pursuit of perfection.

There is one well-known proverb “Fish looks for deeper water, man for better places to live” reflecting the essence of the human form of life.It goes without saying that only love determines where the best “place to live” for a human being is.In the ideal world the relations between humans, nations, countries and continents are built on the basis of amicability, trust, cooperation, mutual respect and admiration; while in their highest form – on the basis of love.


All nations of the world represent one divine family, where the Supreme Lord is the main authority and the main source of Love.Today the world community faces the whole rage of challenges. Sometime we call them “global problems”, sometimes – “threats”. However the semantic variety does not diminish their importance.In the famous writings “A Study of History” Arnold J. Toynbee, British historian and philosopher, fair said that the development of human civilizations passes the algorithm of Challenge – Response. At each stage the humanity concentrated its efforts on solving a historical challenge and entered a new civilizational stage of development.

The International Diplomatic Club “Amicability” is our response to the historical challenge. We aspire to join the efforts of all people of goodwill in the name of our mutual goal – to achieve harmony, friendship and amicability between nations.Through the use of public diplomacy we strive to promote a new paradigm of international relations and world politics. We believe that this paradigm will be based not on short-term political interests, but on universal spiritual values.The main mission of our Club is spiritual development and creation of free platforms for constructive and trustful dialogue. In this way we will be able to elaborate mutual strategy of spiritualization of power and transformation of humanity.

We believe that the key qualities of modern politicians are responsibility and cooperation, responsibility based on a sense of conscience, and cooperation – on the understanding of common destiny of all nations populating the Earth planet. The history gives us a chance and we need to take it. The ideology of amicability is the only one true response to the challenges of modern history.

Международный дипломатический клуб «Добрососедство»(The international diplomatic club «Аmicability») был создан в феврале 2016 года — как открытая международная общественная организация.

Базовые принципы и идеология клуба предполагает установление теплых добрососедских связей между разными народами, этносами, странами, континентами — через совместные культурные проекты, народную дипломатию, диалог традиций, популяризацию общих духовных ценностей.

В настоящий момент МДК «Добрососедство» сотрудничает с такими партнерами как Ассамблея народов Евразии (http://eurasia-assembly.org/ru), Федерация за Всеобщий мир (upf.org), Всемирный Альянс Миротворец (альянс-миротворец.рф), Международный Евразийский университет (evrazuniversitet.com) и известный болливудский лейбл ARS Music.

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