The path to new World

New reality of the World of COVID-19 is becoming a turning point of new Global arrangements and new reality. The pace of life from high speed of energy/money flow suddenly stopped in face of humanity general survival problem. And entire world of human minds united to one task of defeating themself from external enemy that came from within.

For past decades we separated our minds by digitalizing ourselves with smartphones, pads, laptops and social networks building our walls that just became materialistic

We all finally came to the state of isolationing ourselves and now we have time to think about the path we are going and what would be our next step. It looks like there is no way back to non-digital society, unless all people would decide to remove their phones and databases from their lives back to build non-business relationships, which is highly unlikely.

Entire humanity is in shock. We thought we had advanced medical field – it is powerless in front of small bug that is known for years. We thought we have advanced communication technology – it is not there yet, we thought we had the best economic system – but it is nothing in front of the virus crushing from our fears of death.

It is interesting, that we are not in fear of war and ready to fight when we see the enemy, but we are scare of invisible bug that attacks us unexpectedly. We just met ourselves uncapable to be organized quickly and work as well-built organism, but we are evidently not there yet.

We are still struggling with arguments, disagreement, fights for righteousness of our beliefs, competing for the path to our God and proving our points up to the using missiles, biological, chemical, and weather weapons. We are killing each other for gold and wealth trading our lives by sending our sons to fight for some territories. We are like fishes fighting in aquarium when landscape was a bit moved, and we are claiming that we are the most advanced and smart species on the planet and destroying everything that we are touching or getting close to. We are killing everything and ourselves and we need to start talking about it openly and honestly with ourselves. This time is to change.

We are at the point to destroy and restart the game or maybe we still have a chance to repair our minds and keep going with our families and grow our kids for new generations. The questing is razed: what to do? how to live? what is the agenda and the roadmap?

In 2001, at the very beginning of new century BRICS was organized as the first step to integration of humanity conducting different cultures, believes, nationalities and races. That was a fist stone to new human relationship foundation. For past 20 years it has grown to the BRICS+ accumulating over 50 countries building new level of communication in different fields: cultural, business, energy, transportation, TV, art and more.

This initiative is creating new corridor to unite humans in depth to the peaceful supportive to each other world.

We are going to the next level.

At this point, in front of external enemy and to calm all our disagreements we need to unite together in one organism capable of developing in positive way and creating new activities and the way to happy survival.

It is time to digitalize ourselves in the good way. Many people oppose digitalization resisting to total control. There is only one reason for that – we have something to hide, that we have done something that we afraid someone will discover. We are afraid of to be open and discovered. Maybe we should think about it and why we are looking for advantage in front of each other. We say: "The only way to get rich – is to make someone poor".

If we stick to this agenda, we are going to fight and kill each other over the wealth and power.

The new path is to find everyone a place to contribute to society and integrate ourselves into united organism. It is impossible to achieve that goal without central mechanism that could manage entire humanity in good way. We are about to replicate one human organism operated by brain into one united humanity organism with multifunctioning capacity and equal usage of energy for each cell, implementing structure that create dependency on each other product that could be used across new global world divided in territories of products.

We need to redevelop the mind of every individual from the society of consumers, to the society of productive people who is enjoying giving more than getting  – that is a key to prosperity, health, and well beingness.

If we could achieve that state, then we would not need any more any security and secret service and army forces that could be rearranged to new technologies, fundamental science and developing interspace programs. Aggression and tension on the planet will be dissolved.

Aleksey Davidovsky
Vice-President of the International BRICS Forum