SHARON, Doctor of Music (Hon.)


Chair of World Arts & Culture Council, US ( UN NGO )

Performance Record and Education

Canada Royal Conservatory of Music.

Honorary Doctor of Korea University

Popera Album “Tell me why” Producing

2017 Dubai Concert at Burj-Al- Arab

2016 KBS Concert.

2016 Malaysia Tour Concert

2015 Pakistan Tour Concert

Canada Toronto ZAZZ Festival Concert.

Canada Vancouver Concert

Korea Art Center Donation Concert

Sungnam Art Center Donation Concert

Foreign Lecturer Concert in Centennial Hall

UN Anti AIDS Art Fair Concert

Concert on invitation of Chairman of Russia Parliament sponsored by Korea Construction Association.

Lotte Hotel Dinner Show

War Memorial Hall President Inauguration Concert

2008 Suwon City Summer Concert

2009 Korea Japan Culture Exchange Concert

2010 Miss World University Concert

2010 Korea-Australia 50-year Relation Celebration Concert in Sydney

2012 Beautiful Artist Award Concert

2012 Donation Art Fair Concert


Chair of World Arts & Culture Coucil ( UN NGO)

Member of Korea-USA Nuclear Cooperation Committee

Chair of Culture Arts Supporters for Korea Tour Corporation

Receiving Grand Prize of Korea Talent Sharing

Hon. Consul of Korea B-Boy Federation

Entertainment Company Profile

1988 Seoul Olympic Cultures Arts Celebration Park Festival

1990 KBS Johnny Yoon Show

1990.1994 Silver Prize for Czecho Stage Art Olympic

1991.1992 Stage Director of Seoul Play Festival

1995 Planning of World Marine Animal Exhibition

1996 Stage Director of Michael Jackson’s World Tour Seoul Festival

1997 Stage Director of American Dance Festival

1997 Stage Director of New York Jazz Dance Festival

1997 Production of David Bowie Outsider Album Recital

1997 Juror of David Bowie Int’l Painting Public Subscription

1997 Guacheon World Madang Play

1997 Total Production of SFAA Seoul Collection

1999 Total Production of Sokcho Tour Expo Visual Multi Media Show

1995-1999 Stage / Costume Design of Blanc Ballet Team

1999 Stage Painting for Universal Ballet Team

1999-2002 Stage Director Kenny G, Santana, Olivia Newton John, Concert

1997-2002 Production 40 times of Shin Seong Hun, Kim Geon Mo, GOD, Cho Seung Mo, Baek Ji Young Concert

1995-2002 Exhibition Planning 80 times of KOEX

2002 Total Production of Korea-Japan World Cup Han River Eve Festival

2006 Production & Play of Cho Su Mi Concert

2007 Art Director for Asia Tour of Pablo Picasso’s “Lost Time”

2008 Art Director of Las Vegas Asia Art Fair

2010 Art Director for Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival Performance

2010 Paint Planning for Seoul Design Olympic Jamsil Olympic main stadium

2010 The 1st CERESTA Int’l GRAFFITI ART Festival

2011 Planning of World Peace Chapter “DMZ Eco Park” Kangwon-Yanggu

2011 Seoul Int’l Beauty Salon EXPO 2011

2011 Stage Director of JYJ World Tour

2011-2012 Total Production / Planning of Beautiful Artists Prize

2012-2013 Planning of Asian Wonder Land 2013 Myrtle Beach – Asia Cultural EXPO

2012 Art Total Director of Donation Art Fair

2013 Total Director of Suncheonman Int’l Garden Exhibition Performance

2013-2015 Planning of Int’l Friendship Festival 10 times

2016 Planning of Int’l Orphanage Cooperative

2017 Invited Royal Concert of Czech Prague

Russia Moscow Top Opera Invitation Concert

India Mumbai Bollywood Collaboration Concert

Invitation Concert in Malaysia Borneo Convention and other places

Humanitarian Support

One of our most important aims through our musical activities is to philanthropize internationally for the needed people.

A variety of humanitarian activities such as

donation of foods & clothes,

medical treatment

education and financing

are being carried out for the needed people through World Arts & Culture Council where Sharon keeps position of Chairperson.

Such humanitarian supports are globally supplied into Orphanage, Widow societies, Homeless people, refugees and so on in a number of countries.

These activities will be extended worldwide in cooperation with international organizations like religious organizations, medical societies, various arts & culture groups and many other philanthropic sectors

Artist Sharon Kim

Sharon has been working as Musician and Sing-a-Song-Writer as well internationally. She is quite forerunner of her genre in singing and writing music & lyrics.

She has performed a variety of concerts both domestically and internationally, and also produced plenty of Art Contents.

Sharon was born in South Korea and got educated in South Korea and Canada. She was conferred Doctor Degree of Music (Hon.) from Korea University in recognition of her supreme capabilities for the genre of music.

Also she is sincere lady of philanthropy doing various humanitarian activities such as donation of foods & clothes, arrangement of free medical service, financial support to the needed people of orphanage, widow societies, homeless, refugees and so on.

Her contributions of philanthropy are extended to any place in this world through her World Arts & Culture Foundation in Korea & US which belongs to NGO of UN. Sharon is Chair person of the said Foundation.