WЕ DID THIS – in the State Duma and in our hearts!

27th September 2018 in the Russian parliament IDC “Amicability” with assistance of BRICS forum (India), BRICS forum global (Russia), UPF Moscow branch and Business Council of South Korea has arranged an event, devoted to the vast project of transport and communications unification with Alaska, China, Japan, Mongolia, North and South Korea from Russian Far-East regions. Special mention we give to the presence of the President of BRICS forum (India), Ms. Purnima Anand, who was inspiring all of us in our endeavours.

Firstly we had warm opening from the member of State Duma, deputy of Committee of informational policy, informational technologies and communications, Svintsov Andrei Nikolaevich.
After that we had numerous speeches and presentations of this project mostly from Russia and USA, but the respective representatives of other states also had their word, exposed their own opinions, minds, ideas and dreams about the oncoming projects.
With the God’s help the atmosphere of discussion was very warm, friendly and productive enough. The guests from USA even gave us as present a golden spike, which will be bashed into the first piece of this uniting railroad network, demonstrating their pure will and desire to closely communicate and cooperate with Russia, although admiring some political problems, which, as we all hope very much, will be solved by all means in the name of peace, amicability and prosperity.

Our Club and our allies hope and wish this round table to be the first step of the vast road of this project coming to life, since it can change the world in the way we even cannot predict right now for not underestimate the consequences. But the rest assured, this project will bear for all everything we lack right now – peace, prosperity, trust and predictability in our mutual relations. But still, despite everything, we’ll do our best for our most dare dreams and plans come to life and exactly as we all want. For we shall win through! No matter the cost!