She was, she is and she will remain a legend, until we’ll remember her in our souls and hearts. Because legends don't die, they continue to live - in a fit of temper, in memory, in legends, in film footage magic. Sridevi Kapoor (born Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan) – the dancing goddess – was and remains the most Indian and greatest of all Indian actresses. Expression, temper, plasticity, playfulness, joyfulness, lyricism, dramatic nature – not quite the complete set of her surprising qualities and talents. In Her arsenal of divine "means of war" is the ultimate place for the top-prioritized weapon, a name to which is surprise factor, unpredictability, originality. And in it the main gift of any actress is also shown.

Her surprising eyes are a separate poem of acting skills, top of female eloquence. Sridevi and the live images she created – is the unique gallery of the most different heroines, it is the whole era in the Indian cinema.

How will world cinema in the 21st century further develop and evolve? What main tendencies and messages in cinema art will be the most relevant and demanded? Whether there will be a place in a modern filmmaking for national, traditional, original cinema? Can the modern cinematography, including the Indian cinema become the effective instrument of peacekeeping on the Earth, or it’s mission is just to entertain and satisfy people’s feelings?

The International Diplomatic Club "Amicability" has honor to present the cultural project which mission is searching the sense, meaning of modern civilization’s existence, it’s ways and possibilities for positive evolving, prosperity and positive progress.

Culture is most and foremost a spiritual mission and the higher is culture’s mission, the more chances mankind has for salvation, preservation and prosperity.

On May 23rd in the capital of India Delhi, epic cult evening devoted to the memory of present era’s great actress – Sridevi will take place. We’ve invited representatives of Bollywood and Hollywood, East and West, North and South – to talk about the most important – about Love, about Beauty about Humanity! In unity lies strength and we must do everything possible and impossible to preserve and multiply Her heritage!

We also have honor to inform that memorial event for Sridevi will take place during The First BRICS Alliance BUSINESS FORUM 2018 in New Delhi, India.

Also it is worth mentioning that the member of the Board of trustees of IDC "Amicability" famous Russian artist Alexander Shilov Jr. whose works of arts visited space itself on the International Space Station "MIR" will bring to Delhi the portrait of the famous and beloved Indian actress Sridevi painted  him. The portrait of Alexander Shilov Jr.’s brush named "The Legend Always Live" will solemnly presented as a gift to great Sridevi's spouse producer Bonnie Kapoor. Many charity foundations and organizations, including charity foundation of Natalya Rotenberg (http://ru.nr.foundation) will take part in the organization of this event.

The famous international leader, the philanthropist, the educator Natalya Rotenberg will invite to this event her friends from Hollywood – famous producers, actors, actresses.

Sridevi will always live in our minds, hearts and souls. And until it will be so – she will never die, she just ascended to Heavens. And since in Indian culture reincarnation of souls is a major matter – we hope and know, that her immortal soul someday will find it’s place in other prominent person. Let us say worldwide-represented “Farewell” and “Thank You” for such an outstanding Personality, Actress, Woman and Mother.

Let the memorial services for That Woman be so vast for Universe itself to remember it! THANK YOU for everything! You will NOT be forgotten and will forever live in our minds, souls and hearts!