Exhibition of BRICS artists in Grozny city – dialogue of civilizations in the name of a common future

In 2025, the city of Grozny will become the cultural capital of Russia. This event is certainly quite expected - it demonstrates the enormous potential for regional development of such a multinational and multi-confessional country as Russia. And in this, Russia is very similar to India. BCMF - The BRICS Cultural Media Forum initiated the International Forum "Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy" with the participation of the BRICS and BRICS Plus countries. A landmark forum
It will be held in Grozny from March 5 to March 7. Within the framework of the forum, it is planned to open an international art exhibition, which will feature works by a wide variety of artists from the BRICS countries.

The idea of holding the exhibition belongs to Dr. Sergey Dvoryanov, President of the International Diplomatic Club "Amicability", Director of Communications at BCMF, philosopher and publicist. "An artist is a profession that allows you to reveal the depth of human character, helps to demonstrate its national and cultural characteristics in all its diversity and beauty.

Today, the potential of cultural diplomacy is able to bring a special dynamic to the integration processes of the BRICS countries," said Dr. Sergey Dvoryanov.

According to the organizers of the Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy Forum, one of its most important goals is to reflect the personal spiritual beliefs of Russian national leader Vladimir Putin in the global media space. The historical role of Vladimir Putin and his profound influence on modern history can be easily traced by the example of large-scale transformations in the Chechen Republic, and in particular by the example of the development of the city of Grozny.

Against the background of chaos and the greatest tragedy taking place before our eyes in the Middle East, when the whole world is witnessing the tragic death of innocent people and the destruction of the high ideals of humanity, Vladimir Putin's commitment to universal spiritual principles was especially vividly manifested in the fate of the people of Chechnya. Today, the fraternal Chechen Republic stands out for every person who understands the meaning of History as a beacon of hope. The unwavering commitment of the Russian national leader to the principles of equality of peoples and the elimination of discrimination contributed to the formation of the Chechen people's deep devotion to Russia.

The creation of true friendship from former enmity demonstrates the spiritual potential of Russian civilization and demonstrates to the entire world community the wonderful path to harmony and dialogue that humanity needs today.

BCMF President, Honorary Doctor of the Eurasian International University Jean Nissar Lawn intends to bring a delegation from Bollywood to the opening of the forum in Grozny, in which famous producers, directors, actors and actresses are expected to participate.

The Russian delegation of artists will be headed by the People's Artist of the Chechen Republic Alexander Alexandrovich Shilov, whose exhibition at the memorial complex named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat Hadji Kadyrov and the artist's master classes with Chechen creative youth at one time became a landmark event in the cultural life of the Chechen capital. Alexander Shilov will bring to the city a formidable portrait of the respected Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, which is depicted against the background of the Himalayan Mountains. The cultural bridge from the Himalayas to the Caucasus Mountains will become a new BRICS legend. The international exhibition will also be attended by Indian artist Raj Kumar, who has already managed to get acquainted with the beauties of the legendary city, which is the pearl of the Caucasus as part of the BCMF delegation and presented the mayor of Grozny Khas-Magomed Kadyrov with a gift in the form of a portrait of the Hero of Russia Ahmad Haji Kadyrov.

The famous Vainakh artist Vakha Beshtoev, who is currently actively working in the Middle East and is preparing a large-scale personal exhibition in one of the Middle Eastern countries, will also take an active part in the exhibition.
The entry of four new Islamic states - Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE and Egypt into the BRICS alliance will be a "quantum leap" in the development of this interstate institution.

That is why the holding of the forum "Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy" in the city of Grozny will be a significant contribution of the Chechen Republic to support the dialogue of civilizations in the name of the common future of mankind.