Online Conference “I Have a Dream!”

An online-conference dedicated to memory of John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Martin Luther King took place on May, 29. The International Diplomatic Club “Amicability” gathered for the conference diplomats, public figures, businessman and artist from all over the world to deliver their speeches on the theme of dreaming today.

The idea of dreaming unites all three people mentioned above. They dreamed about peaceful and harmonic world without conflicts, racial prejudices and misunderstandings. These ideas have an exceptional importance now, when the world society is divided by Covid-19. Participants including Dough Burley the advisor of the US President Donald Trump, President of the International BRICS Forum Purnima Anand, Vice-President of the the International BRICS Forum Alex Davidovsky, businessman Abdul Basit Sayed, artist and director Vladimir Uglichin, Dr. Alexander Savelov and Dr. Goezde Dizdar.

All participants in their speeches stated the importance of having a dream and working on it. The spirit of the conference united the speakers and they understood that achieving dreams which people in the past had is possible. Everyone could feel the legacy that John Kennedy, John Lennon and Martin Luther King left to us and even feel their presence during the conference!
You can watch recordings of guests statements below.